The end of 2016

I hear 'thank goodness 2016 is over' and 'I'll be glad to see the end of it' but for me 2016 has been a pretty good year. I have achieved more than I could have wished for in my photography career. I have passed my initial assessment for judging for one of the biggest European photographic organisations (The Societies or better known as the SWPP). This has been a long term goal achieved for me. I remember when I used to watch the live judging at their annual convention and wish that one day I would be of a level where people trust my opinion enough to select me to judge for them. I honestly never thought that day would come! I knew I would have to work hard, VERY hard! Over the years I have worked my way up to the level of Fellowship of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (FSWPP) which is the highest attainable level for a submitted panel of work, only 1% of qualified photographers hold this title. Such an honour. On passing this level I then applied to attend judging school and was proud to be allowed to be part of it. Oh my goodness I wasn't prepared for how mentally draining the process was......but I loved it! Over the two days I was there I learned so much. Following these training days we were then required to shadow qualified judges while they were judging the monthly image competition, a far bigger task than I had first though. Wow. On completion of these session I was amazed, honoured and delighted to be informed that I had passed my initial training and was invited to judge live at the annual convention in London! I am totally looking forward to attending the convention, held at the Hilton Hotel in London and joining the judging team. 

On another note I have been privileged to have photographed so many wonderful clients, children and pets this year and here is a mix of just some of the sessions from 2016

End of year 2016
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