What an incredible start to the year!

January is always a great time for me as I spend all year looking forward to it! Why? You may ask, well this is the month I attend The Societies (SWPP) annual convention in London where thousands of photographers gather for print judging, classes, socialising and the annual awards dinner. As a qualified judge for The Societies I spend the first couple of days with an amazing team of judges looking closely and scoring some stunning work created by photographers from all around the world. I then spend a couple of days teaching classes, in-between this is the all important socialising and meeting old friends and new. To top all of this off we then have the annual awards dinner. I was delighted to receive three nominations this year, two in Digital Art and one in Studio Portrait for the Photographer of the Year title. I honestly didn't think I'd even be in the running as I hadn't entered the monthly competitions much (which culminate in to the end of year awards) as I'd been judging the monthly competitions meaning I cannot enter on the months I am judging. I had also (madly) decided that I would like to enter a second Fellowship panel, for those who don't know, the Fellowship is the highest qualification available for a panel of images. I already hold one Fellowship (FSWPP) which I achieved a couple of years ago with a panel of images shot in natural light with children in a styled setting. This year I decided I'd really like to enter again but this time with my digital art which would give me my IFSWPP (Illustrative Fellowship) should I be successful. I was more nervous this time around than last, but thankfully (luckily?) my panel was a unanimous pass from the team of 5 judges! I will add the images of my successful panel below. Much to my amazement this wonderful trip to London also resulted in me being awarded both second and first place for Digital Art Photographer of the Year and second place for Studio Portrait Photographer of the Year, ontop of that I was also awarded my Masters! This title is only given out to a few each year and has to be earned, so needless to say I was over the moon and so honoured to receive this! What a great start to the year! Now I must remember to blog on here more often. 

Tracy Willis FSWPP IFSWPP Masters
(That sounds good!)


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