1-2-1 Photography and editing training

SPECIAL OFFER - We have been testing live recording in my studio for training. I’m going to be offering a couple of special 1-2-1 training days which will include your day being live recorded or filmed and uploaded in to your own private group where you’ll be able to rewatch your training day whenever you need to. This can include any training subject you choose (studio or outdoors and/or editing etc). I am going to offer out three of these only. The price will be £395 for one day. I am only offering these three, after this we will be offering the recording of training as an optional extra which can be bought in addition to a normal training day.

My 1-2-1 training days are tailored to suit what YOU want to learn. You can choose from a variety of subjects including maternity, newborn, child fine art, styled outdoors, pet fine art, composites or editing (Lightroom and Photoshop). I am based in Bournemouth, Dorset and you'd attend your training in my studio (or in the local area to me if you choose outdoors training). As with all of my training my aim is for you to learn how to achieve images which require very little processing (unless your creative flare wants to), I'll be showing you how to set up your camera, camera angles, studio lighting (natural light for outdoors styled shoots), how to interact with your subject to achieve the results you are wanting, how to prep your clients (or parents) for the shoot and how to market, price and sell your finished work. All training days include access to my private Facebook support group. I teach all skill levels from very beginner to advanced. All sessions are individual. If you wish to add post processing to your training day please just let me know when booking. This isn't a problem at all and can usually be added to the last hour of your training day. Lunch and refreshments are provided on the day so please let me know if you have any dietary requirements when booking. I teach very hands on so whether you choose to learn newborn photography or pet photography you will be both posing and shooting on the day. 

1-2-1's are priced at £495 per day, or team up with another person to save money! £695

Book a mini 1-2-1 training day for just £295. 
Training for 3 1/2 hours on the subject of your choice (not including newborns)



3x 1-2-1 training days on the subject of your choice
Online help throughout the year
Access to private Facebook mentoring group
Discount codes for some amazing suppliers

Usual price £1485 (3x £495) for one person

£995 for one person or £1295 for two people

Please see the TESTIMONIALS from previous attendees


I cover everything from preparing for the session, setting up, prepping parents for the shoot, settling parents in to the studio, settling baby, flow posing, wrapping, safety, props etc You can request specific poses you wish to learn which may not be what I personally include in my own flow posing but am able to teach such as the froggy pose, the potato sack etc

Teaching all levels of newborn posing, Facebook marketing, business advise etc The 1-2-1 training day is totally tailored to you, you choose what you want to learn.


I will cover how to prep for your shoot and what advice I give for clothing etc to achieve the timeless fine art style of images. I will be showing you how to interact to create the beautiful expressions on the children and how to light for beautiful sculptured shadows. At these sessions I always include editing because this is part of achieving the fine art look although you will be pleasantly surprised about how beautiful your images will be in camera. I do not heavily edit but there are some wonderful final touches you will easily be able to add to your work. Facebook marketing, business advise etc The day is totally tailored to you, you choose what you want to learn. I also include how market and sell wall art from your session.


If you love photographing newborns then learning maternity photography is a must. This will bring your clients to you prior to even thinking about booking for their newborn shoot and you will then have the chance to bond with your customer which in turn leads to a more relaxed newborn session. I will be teaching both high key and low key lighting, how to use voiles to create wonderful 'outfits' and how to back light and create silhouettes.

In addition to the above I also teach children outdoors both styled and natural, parent posing, newborn wrapping, composites, pets, underwater art, editing, lighting, marketing and in person sales, business reviews etc. Please message me for more details

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