I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your advise and support (and patience!!) over the last couple of years. I feel so much more knowledgable and confident in my fine art. So here it is a MASSIVE THANK YOU!! You have been a true inspiration.
I plucked up the confidence to do a blog on my most recent ballet fine art shoot, (If you get time to have a look). Hope you and yours are all doing well. Xx
— Senay Donaldson
Thank you so so much for an amazing few days of training... u have taught me so much and “tried” to un-teach my bad habits... 🙈.. I hope I can now do ur time justice... and not forgetting Tom too who is equally amazing.. 😊😁💕
— Paula Dillon
I am enrolled on Tracy’s 12 month mentoring scheme and I can’t recommend Tracy highly enough. I have attended maternity and newborn training so far and found Tracy’s style to be relaxed, she is great fun to be around and she really made me feel at ease. I also have access to a private Facebook group where I can ask for extra help and support in which Tracy regularly provides individual feedback. Don’t think twice about training with Tracy, she is fab and you won’t regret it.
— Summer Johnston

I attended two workshops recently at Tracy’s Bournemouth Studio The Fine art and Composite.
I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and feel I have I picked up a wealth of information from lighting, setting models up, getting the right poses and faces for the shots, new editing techniques, after sales etc. The children that Tracy picked for the workshops were all amazing and were so easy to work with and very photogenic. The course is extremely relaxed informal and fun with quite a bit of banter and fun along the way. The other photographers on the course were all lovely and I feel I have come away being able to take and edit much better photographs and with some great new friends to carry on this photographers journey with. I stayed in Bournemouth as I did the courses two days running and Tracy and Tom took me and another lady out for a very large eat all you like buffet meal which was very much appreciated.
Thanks again Tracy and Tom x
— Tracy Main
Just got back from a newborn training session with Tracy. The course was great from start to finish, from helping with general business ideas to the safety, flow and lighting aspects of newborn photography. Really wish I had done the maternity course as well. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise...now I just need to try and put it into practice by myself!   
— Philippa Davies
After looking around for some training on Newborn Photography, someone recommend Tracy Willis. I am so pleased I listened and booked on the next available course. The day was exactly what I was looking for. Tracy went through everything, in such a relaxed friendly way.  You were put at ease as soon as you arrived. Everything we all wanted to work on was covered in the days training.  At a pace that meant you took everything in.  You didn’t once feel confused or overwhelmed. Tracy was brilliant explaining things so we understood them.  No question was a stupid question.  She gave the best advice and tips. I 100% recommend Tracy’s training if you want to leave the day feeling more informed on the subject, confident and motivated to push your skills to the next level.
Thank you Tracy for a fantastic day, I will be booking you again.
— Tammy Carpenter
I attended two workshops by Tracy, Newborn and Child Fine Art and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
Tracy is so generous with her teaching, she has given me loads of confidence, really looking forward to trying out all I have learned. Would highly recommend attending the workshops, you won’t regret it.
— Karen Hilton
I attended the newborn and fine art children photography training sessions, and I had an amazing two days. I feel lucky to have been taught by Tracy who is so experienced, knowledgable and helpful. We went through everything from business and marketing, to styling and poses as well as the technical aspects of lighting, camera settings and editing. It was a great learning atmosphere; relaxed, professional, packed with information and we had fabulous models to work with. Tracy was really kind and so encouraging -giving me the confidence to pursue my passion for photography as a profession. I can’t wait to put into practise everything I learnt and I feel very creatively inspired!
— Amanda Rabbetts
I’ve just returned home from one of Tracy’s fine art workshops. I’ve followed Tracy’s work for a few years and I always found it to be exquisite. So I fully expected to gain a considerable amount from doing the workshop. 
I was not prepared for the amount I would actually learn, I gained far more than technical knowledge (which there was a huge amount of!) but there was business advice and client rapport skills and how they changed with different situations. 
The biggest thing for me though was how much confidence as an artist I gained, I have faith in my abilities to produce beautiful pieces and follow them through right to the final product. That feeling is invaluable.      
— Zoe Bowler
Just done my first newborn since training and tried to put it all into practice. Really pleased how it went although the poses were not as good as Tracy Willis. The baby was the sleepiest I had and I used my Range go to bowl and it worked. The training really helped and I used my flow posing sheet . Thanks again x
— Tracy Main