What Judges Are Looking For


Competition images are a very different ball game to client images. While an image may be a good professional image for clients, for competitions images need to have a little bit more. There’s is a list of criteria in which we judge images, no image has to tick all boxes but there are many important factors to consider when entering competitions. In this class I will be showing you how to recognise a competition image compared to a good client image.

I have been a judge for the SWPP for over 3 years now and am also a judge for Kelly Brown's RISE awards, I have also judged for the PPI in Northern Ireland for their annual awards and run the TNPS annual competition (plus another huge judging job which I can't yet say about which is coming up) so hopefully I will be able to give you a good insight in to how images are judged at reputable photographic competitions.

£25 per person