Just done my first newborn since training and tried to put it all into practice. Really pleased how it went although the poses were not as good as Tracy Willis. The baby was the sleepiest I had and I used my Range go to bowl and it worked. The training really helped and I used my flow posing sheet . Thanks again x
— Tracy Main

Please see the TESTIMONIALS from previous attendees

I aim my workshops at giving you the confidence and skills to be able to go out and photograph for your clients and be happy with the end results consistently. I teach in simple terms that you'll easily be able to replicate again and again. I will show you the best angles to shoot from, how to light to compliment your subjects as well as giving you business advice along the way. I also try and include the editing of one or two images for each workshop. My workshops are aimed at those beginning and also those who are well in to their career but would like refreshing. Please feel free to bring cameras, laptops and notepads if you wish to take part during the day. I so have some ladies just make notes through the day rather than shoot, if that's how you learn best then please don't feel you will be out of place. There will be plenty of time for any questions you may have throughout the day. 

A general timetable for workshops is as follows

10am Meet and greet
10.30am We will discuss technique, kit, preparing for the session (both subjects, parents and yourself)
11.30am Camera settings and lighting explained
12pm Lunch (Provided)
12.30pm Shooting our subjects
4-5pm Editing including flow and full processing of 1-2 images

Timetables will vary according to subject

All my workshops include ongoing support via a private Facebook group. My workshops are open to a max of 8 attendees. I keep this number low to allow everyone to take part. 

I will be showing how I create my Christmas Magic images at the CUMBRIA workshop! 

Please note, I do not train anyone in the BH postcode areas

Thank you so so much for an amazing few days of training... u have taught me so much and β€œtried” to un-teach my bad habits... πŸ™ˆ.. I hope I can now do ur time justice... and not forgetting Tom too who is equally amazing.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ’•
— Paula Dillon
newborn photography training

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